CM Maryam command authorities to ensure safety rods on motorbikes

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During the fourth cabinet meeting, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz issued a directive to ensure the installation of safety rods on motorbikes to protect riders from the dangerous metal strings used in kite flying.

This important safety measure was discussed with provincial ministers, the chief secretary, and other top officials in attendance.

In addition to addressing this crucial safety concern, CM Nawaz approved the establishment of a ministerial committee tasked with developing policies for wheat procurement and related issues.

Input from assembly members will be sought on wheat-related matters, and standing committees for wheat as well as the restructuring of the commodity financing committee of the food department were given the go-ahead.

Furthermore, the provincial cabinet unanimously agreed to grant a holiday on Easter for Christian employees as a gesture of respect and solidarity. CM Nawaz expressed her deep sorrow over the tragic loss of Christian workers in various incidents, emphasizing that the life of a person, regardless of their economic status, should not be reduced to just another news story.

CM Maryam command authorities to ensure safety rods on motorbikes

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