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Farmers in Punjab told to kill rats for crops safety

Farmers in Punjab told to kill rats for crops safety


MULTAN: Agriculture experts have advised farmers to kill rats and destroy their habitats at their farms and godowns as a precautionary measure to avoid damage to food crops and possible spread of diseases.

Rats cause spread of over 60 diseases that can hurt not only human beings but also animals and birds, says a release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab Agriculture department on Friday.

Their presence in godowns risks mixing of their waste into food crops produce stored which is harmful to human health and decreases market value of food.

Rats also damage agriculture machinery at farms besides electrical wiring clothes ceilings buildings bridges furniture water courses and agriculture fields’ boundaries.

Agriculture spokesman said that a move should be launched in rural as well as urban areas to kill the rats to avoid damages they can cause to the food crops.

Their habitats at houses offices farms and godowns be destroyed by filling their holes either by soil or by water.

Farmers can also keep cats at their farms and godowns to kill rats or install special traps.

They can also prepare tablets by mixing one part of ZincPhosphide in three parts of wheat flour and small quantity of sweetener.

These small tablets be put near the rat holes or on their way after sun set to kill them the release concluded.

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