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Karachi you’re stressing me: City lands a spot in the world’s most stressful cities

Karachi you’re stressing me: City lands a spot in the world’s most stressful cities

Karachi, Pakistan’s largest metropolitan city has landed a sweet spot in the top most stressful cities of the world.

And there’s a study to back it up.

While it may not come as news to many in Karachi, the study has ranked the city as one of the ten most stressful cities in the world, only 7 spots behind the world’s most stressful city – Baghdad.

A list of the world s most and least stressful cities of 2017 was released following a study by Zipjet United Kingdom. The research was based on factors including that of percentage of green spaces, traffic levels, financial status of citizens, public transport and physical and mental health.

According to the study, anxiety and stress have been pinpointed as key factors leading to the deterioration of mental health and quality of life in major cities of the world. And so while developing technology which aims to reduce stress in people s lives, Zipjet undertook this study to find out how the most stressful cities around the world can benefit from the model of the least stress-struck cities of the world.

Children play next to dumped garbage in Karachi, Pakistan. Photo: AFP

While pinpointing how the least stressful cities are managing this issue, Managing Director of Zipjet, Florian Farber said that mental health problems are on the rise worldwide, with stress being a trigger and contributing factor towards this increase.

“We’re happy to be a part of the wave of digitalization working to reduce stress all around the world,” he added.

The methodology that was based on aspects including city, pollution, finance, and people were further simplified into categories like traffic congestion levels, density, perception of security, air and noise pollution, unemployment, social security, and mental as well as physical health of the citizens.

Of the 150 cities ranked, while a number of cities from Australia and Germany make it to the list of ‘the least stressful cities of 2017’, owing to low population density and unemployment rates, Karachi has secured the 143rd position making it to the list of ‘10 most stressful cities’ of the world after settlements with worst living conditions including Kabul, Baghdad, and Tehran.

10 least stressful cities of 2017. Photo: ZipJet

Cities including Mumbai and Delhi have also landed in the most stressful spectrum of the raking securing 138th and 143rd positions respectively.

10 most stressful cities of 2017. Photo: ZipJet

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