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Kashif ‘confesses’ to killing cop,PML-N leader among 30 others

Kashif ‘confesses’ to killing cop,PML-N leader among 30 others



Mohammad Kashif alias David, an activist of a political party, had confessed to killing several people including leaders of political parties, Rangers said on Wednesday.

A Rangers spokesperson said an anti-terrorism court had endorsed the 90-day preventive detention of Kashif, who was arrested a day earlier.

During interrogation, he confessed to killing 30 people including a police official, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Zohair Akram Nadeem and Bihari Qaumi Movement leader Aftab Malik.

He was a member of notorious target killer Mohammed Ajmal alias Pahari’s gang in 1995. He also confessed to operating a target killing team since 2005 on the directives of a political party.

On Tuesday, on the basis of the information retrieved from Kashif, the paramilitary force had raided a house in Azizabad and found a huge cache of weapons.

The weapons included Kalashnikovs, light machine guns, RPG-7s, rocket launchers, hundreds of bullets, and explosive material. Rangers uniforms were also found there.

However, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement had rejected the Rangers’ claim that Kashif was arrested in a raid in Azizabad, saying it was a blatant lie because he was arrested in Dubai last year.

MQM leader Kunwar Naveed Jameel had told a press conference at the Khursheed Begum Memorial Hall on Tuesday that Kashif was in the custody of the law-enforcement agencies since his arrest in 2015.

The news of his arrest had not been aired on the electronic media, but many newspapers had published stories last year, he added.

Jameel said Kashif’s family had been in touch with the law-enforcement agencies and contacted the relevant quarters in Dubai and Pakistan for his recovery.

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