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Nisar says cannot confirm Taliban supreme leader killed

Nisar says cannot confirm Taliban supreme leader killed

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Tuesday said it cannot confirm that the man who was killed in a US drone attack in its territory was supreme commander of Afghan Taliban.

“There is no scientific evidence available that can confirm the deceased was Mullah Akhtar Mansour,” said Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

“Seven hours after the attack, US informed Pakistan that Taliban Chief has been targeted in drone attack and is no longer alive,” he said.

“Our security agencies and intelligence services found a destroyed car and two bodies that were charred beyond recognition,” the minister said, adding that a passport and NIC was also found near the car.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan strongly condemned the US drone attack and termed it unacceptable, violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and negation of international laws. “Regardless of who was target of the drone strike, we strongly condemn the attack,” he said.

He said DNA samples of a relative of the deceased has been obtained and Pakistan would confirm his identity once the DNA examination is done.

The minister took an exception to US for its recent statements that Washington would target its enemies wherever they are found and questioned the logic behind the attack on Taliban chief.

“Why does a man become a threat for US when he is in Pakistan, why he was not regarded as a threat when he was in his own country” he said.

“If US policy is to be followed, there would be a law of jungle in this world,”  the interior minister said.

Nisar Ali Khan said the US logic for the attack carries no weight and it could have serious implications. The  minister said the US drones did not enter Pakistan’s airspace and the missiles were fired from another country, without naming Afghanistan.

He said a meeting of Nation Security Council would meet after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif returns from his foreign trip. “We will give clear viewpoint after the NSC meeting,” he said.

The interior minister said Taliban could not be brought to negotiating table by killing their leaders. “A difficult situation has been created for Pakistan with the killing of Taliban leader,” he said.

He denied that Islamabad has any clout on the Islamic movement in Afghanistan but still it managed to woo them to join talks. The minister also rejected the impression that Mullah Mansour was an impediment to peace talks.

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