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A gift PM ought to reject

A gift PM ought to reject

ISLAMABAD: With Peshawar-based renowned chappal maker Jahangir Mohmand Safi waiting for appointment to present Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif a pair of ‘Shikari chappal’ (hunting sandal) especially made of the skin of critically endangered specie of leopard, the conservationists suggested him to avoid receiving such a gift, otherwise it would discourage efforts aiming at protecting endangered species in the country.

Conservationist Imtiaz Ali told The News that the global leather industry every year slaughters thousands of lions and tigers and use their skins and hides to prepare shoes, sandals and handbags, so there are many ongoing worldwide campaigns that are focusing on complete ban on such products that are made of such stuff.

“Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should not accept the gift of chappal that is made of the skin of endangered specie of leopard. If he rejects this gift then it would give a big boost to the efforts, both locally and globally, to conserve and protect the endangered wildlife species,” he said.

Jahangir Mohmand has prepared a pair of chappal, which he named Shikari chappal, and he intends to present it to the prime minister as a special gift.

Jahangir told media that when the prime minister visited the residence of leader of Awami National Party (ANP) Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour in Peshawar on January 10 this year to condole the death of his wife, then he was asked to take measurement of the foot of the prime minister.

“Ghulam Ahmad Bilour asked me to prepare a special chappal for the prime minister. First I tried my best to get the hide of lion but it was not available anywhere in the country. But I finally found the skin of a leopard from a market in Lahore so I decided to prepare the chappal from it,” he said.

It is pertinent to mention here that the special double-sole Peshawari chappal has been in fashion since long but when chappal maker Nooruddin Shinwari gifted a pair of this specially designed new brand to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on his second wedding, it became a fashion statement in the market.

Imtiaz said leopard has been included in the list of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of critically endangered species and in the red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as its population is fast declining in the world.Utv-Line

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