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Admiral Absis Visited Navy Equipment in Omar Gwadar

Admiral Absis Visited Navy Equipment in Omar Gwadar

Karachi: Naval Chief of Staff Zafar Mahmud Azadiba visited the Gawadar naval units to review the operational readiness of the naval forces and the ongoing progress of the PN project in Gwadar.

Upon arriving at Gwadar Airport, the Chief of Naval Staff was received by Major General Marazzam lIyas.

Subsequently, the Western Commander General Raman Ahman introduced the Chief of Naval Staff to the Admiral Zafar Mahmud Al-Arabi, Maritime Safety Task Force-88 (CMSTF-88), Coast Guard and Seaport Defense. The ongoing operations of the military are the maritime safety of the North Navy in Guadel and coastal CPEC projects.

Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi, Naval Chief of Staff, expressed his satisfaction with the CMSTF-88 combat readiness and further emphasized that the task force would be able to meet the maritime threats to the maximum extent possible. At the time, the Chairman of the Guadal Port Authority also described the activities of the Gwadar port and the further expansion of the port and Gwadar city.

Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi also reviewed the construction of the Bahria Model School Gwadar.

He stressed that all the functions of the school should be completed on time and on schedule in order to provide quality education for the local community in Gwadar. The Naval Chief of Staff also interacted with Pakistani naval forces at the forward base of the coastal zone, including Oamara, and appreciated their morale, selfless dedication and commitment to defend the country’s maritime boundaries.

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