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Another incident of female harassment at PTI rally

Another incident of female harassment at PTI rally


PESHAWAR: Another incident of harassment of women was witnessed on Monday at the venue of a Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) rally in Peshawar.

According to the Geo News model and singer Annie Khan was surrounded by dozens of men who harassed her when she arrived at the venue to attend the political rally.

Video footage aired on the channel showed a large number of men surrounding Annie Khan, who had to shove her way out of the middle of the crowd. The model, who is also a local singer, was later escorted out of the venue to safety by police personnel.

PTI leader Naeem ul Haq while speaking to Geo News shifted the blame on political opponents and said that the woman was sent by them to create this situation.

“Why was a woman present at the venue before the rally started?” he asked, adding that that the woman did not belong to Peshawar.

Haq also put the blame on the woman’s dress, claiming her clothes were ‘inappropriate’ for the occasion.

“Why would a woman attend a rally wearing such an immodest dress?” he further asked.

He claimed that political opponents had intentionally carried out the act in order to malign PTI.

Another PTI leader, Andaleeb Rizvi, said that women attending the rally should adhere to ‘code of conduct’.

She said that if any woman “goes to a public gathering this way, no force in the world can provide her protection”.

It has been learnt that the security of the jalsa mostly comprised male security personnel while female security guards were almost non-existent.

The PTI is holding a rally in Peshawar today in relation to the local elections for constituency PK-8, where the party Chief Imran Khan and other leaders would address the gathering.

This is not the first time that an incident of harassment of women has been reported at a public gathering of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Similar incidents of mismanagement and harassment were witnessed during the party’s 20th foundation day rally in Islamabad on April 24, when an unruly mob also tried to reach near the stage. TV footage had also shown PTI supporters harassing women workers at the rally.

According to reports, party chief Imran Khan was also forced to postpone a planned anti-corruption rally in Faisalabad out of concern for the safety of female attendees after incidents of harassment at the party’s recent public gatherings.

According to party sources, the PTI chief was distressed over the issue of insolent behavior towards women participants in PTI rallies.

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