LAHORE: Punjab chief minister (CM) Shehbaz Sharif has said on Monday that he appeared before National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in Ashiana Housing Scheme case for the supremacy of the law despite ill-moved legal notice.

The chief minister addressed a press conference following his NAB appearance during which he said that answers to three questions were sought of him which he replied to in detail during an hour and a half long visit.

CM Shehbaz said that he appeared before the bureau for supremacy of the law. He said that his summoning to NAB office showed nothing but ill-motives.

He complained that notice served to him by the accountability bureau was misused to defame him on the media.

He said that he oversees all provincial affairs being the chief minister and it is the responsibility of the provincial government to deliver to the people.

Ashiana Housing Scheme was a project for the impoverished of Punjab, he added,

Punjab CM rhetorically asked if attempting to save people s money by providing them inexpensive facilities was a crime that he committed. He vowed to cross limits a thousand times for the welfare of the people.

He said that agreement concerning Chaudhry Latif was violated by PLDC. He also claimed that houses were allotted purely on merit in the scheme.

He said that agreement concerning Latif was about the roads and the infrastructure. He complained that he was being subjected to bad politics and vengeance in the name of politics.

He reiterated his claim to step down as chief minister and quit politics if corruption worth a penny is proven against him. He also said that accountability process should continue till the Judgment Day and not until General Elections 2018.

He warned NAB chairman of approaching ‘people’s court’ and revealing secrets the next time he is served notice by NAB.

However, he said that he would completely cooperate with NAB chief.

During his media talk, Punjab CM complained that those who looted funds that belonged to the people are not questioned about corruption on their part.

Ashiana corruption case

Ashiana Housing Scheme was an initiative of the Punjab government to provide economical residential facilities to the people with low-incomes. The provincial authorities had invested Rs 2billion while acquiring 672 kanal land of Baba Noor Shah shrine.

Bureau’s move against the chief minister came after complaints regarding an ‘illegal deal’ between the companies of the Paragon Housing Scheme and the Punjab Land Development Company (PLDC) were received.

NAB is probing alleged losses to the national treasury worth more than Rs 1.2billion in violation of the rules and regulations.