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Arjiit Singh details incident that angered Salman

Arjiit Singh details incident that angered Salman

Arjiit Singh and Salman Khan have recently made headlines ever since the former posted a lengthy apology note for the latter on Facebook. Arjit had mentioned an incident in which he had ‘accidentally’ insulted Sultansuperstar Salman Khan. In a recent interview, the Gerua singer revealed how Salman had been slighted when Singh accepted an award from him, in sandals!

According to Arjiit Singh, he was quite tired and dozed off while Salman Khan had announced him as the winner of an award. Hence it took him awhile to get on-stage and accept the award.

While I was walking up to the stage, they started capturing my images in my chappals and casuals. On stage, Salman Khan was laughing in disbelief saying, ‘Tu hai winner’ (You’re the winner)? When I got on stage, he asked me if I had fallen asleep. In my nervousness I blurted out, ‘Aap logon ne sula dia’ (you all put me to sleep). I immediately bit my tongue,” said the singer.

The singer did reveal that he apologised to Salman Khan repeatedly.

“That night when I was in my flight, I kept thinking about the incident and felt sorry about it. When I reached Kolkata, I texted him. He texted me back saying I shouldn’t have gone so casually and I shouldn’t disrespect awards. I was happy that he rebuked me as a senior and that he had got the anger out of his system. I didn’t know he was still angry,” said Arjiit. 

From then on, Arjiit Singh revealed Salman had him removed from multiple movies that he was a part of, including Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Kick and the latest, Sultan. He said he was hurt because of Salman’s actions and knew his apology on Facebook would go viral. 

“I’m really hurt. If I had not sung the song well, I would have been okay. But there’s no reason for getting it removed. When I was told that it was removed, I wasn’t in Mumbai. If I would have been, I would have gone straight to his home. Rather than trying to reach him through mutual friends, I decided to write my apology on Facebook. I knew it would go viral. It happened in an hour. I knew the impact of my action,” he said. 

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