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Begging Mafia – A nuisance for government and people alike

Begging Mafia – A nuisance for government and people alike

(WebDesk) – The practiced tramps in various getups and garbs, asking for donations, food and aid can be witnessed at every other corner of the roundabout. Mostly, these beggars are a part of some deep-rooted criminal gangs operating in rings by the hideous ghastly handlers and Mafia.

These professional administered and organized beggars and their and handlers  rings are quite a reason that a poor and needy, deserving relieve and charity remains empty handed.

Increasing number of beggars in the streets and markets. Photo: Screenshot

On the other hand, a large number of these swindles effortlessly roam around the streets and markets. Storming streets and bazaars, these schemers have now turned into a continuous and unavoidable headache for the shopkeepers, buyers and customers alike.

“Just look around, these stooges are everywhere even their children often steal different things from the shops”, complained a shopkeeper.

These scammers mostly recruit women, children elders and specially the handicapped to befool people to sweep more and more money.

The begging mafia mostly install the women, juvenile, old and weak to take advantage of the simple and soft-hearted people to con them. Photos: Screenshots

“Begging is strictly prohibited in Islam. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) asks people to earn money of their own hard work”, explained a cleric.

To curtail this mean practice, it is rigorously required to take some robust measures else it would become a reason to tarnish the repute and nobility from society. Though, government has taken hundreds of steps to restrain the beggars but could not find any sturdy success.

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