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Bilawal warns govt against rigging Azad Kashmir elections

Bilawal warns govt against rigging Azad Kashmir elections

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari held a press conference where he slammed the PML-N leadership and warned them against rigging the upcoming Kashmir elections. Utv Pakistan Report

During his talk, Bilawal criticized Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif repeatedly and even said that he supported Imran Khan against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. 

ppp-chairman-bilawal-bhutto-zadariBilawal said that Kashmir had the highest literacy rate among all the provinces of Pakistan. He said that PPP had worked for education in the province and established universities for Kashmiris. 

“How many times have you heard the word Kashmir from the Prime Minister’s lips?” he said. “The Prime Minister went to India and he didn’t even meet with the Hurriyat members. But he did manage to meet some steel tycoons,” added Bilawal. 

Bilawal warned the government that if the elections of Kashmir were rigged, then the PM would forget about the 2014 sit-in protest. 

“If these elections are rigged or the PML-N resorts to violence during them, then the Prime Minister will forget about the 2014 sit-in protest,” he said. 

Bilawal also said that the current government did not have any foreign policy with regard to Kashmir. He paid tribute to the Kashmiris by saying that they had laid down their lives for Pakistan and stood up in the face of Indian atrocities. 

Bilawal said that the policy of reconciliation was not his but his mother’s. He pointed out that she had also written a book on it and that it not only pertained to PML-N but also to other opposition parties as well. Utv-Line

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