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Bosnia charges two militants with planning attacks

Bosnia charges two militants with planning attacks

SARAJEVO: Bosnian authorities said Tuesday two suspected members of a militant movement have been charged for allegedly preparing “terrorist attacks” on police and the intelligence agency.

Maksim Bozic and Edin Hastor are accused of “acquiring weapons and explosive devices and… preparing terrorist attacks on the building of the agency of investigation and protection (SIPA) and interior ministry premises,” the state prosecutor’s office said in a statement.
The two, born in Bosnia in 1990 and 1972 respectively, were arrested in April when police seized grenades, ammunition, automatic rifles, combat vests and flags looking like the Daesh insignia.
“During the investigation evidence were found about suspects’ illegal activities aimed at preparing and executing a terrorist act,” the statement added.
In November 2015 a man killed two members of Bosnia’s armed forces with automatic weapons near a barracks in Sarajevo before blowing himself up. Officials said the attacker was linked to Islamist circles and committed a terrorist act.
A year before a 24-year-old Bosnian Islamist killed a policeman and injured two others when he attacked a police station in the eastern city of Zvornik with a shotgun, before being shot.
About 1,000 people from the Balkans joined militant ranks to fight in Syria and Iraq since 2012, but the flow has dried up with more than 200 killed on the frontline.
Another 300 or so have returned to the Balkan region.
Muslims make up about 40 percent of Bosnia’s 3.8 million population while the rest of the Balkan country’s population is mostly Serbian Orthodox or Catholic.

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