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Breaking Stereotypes, heroic women setting feet in General Elections 2018

Breaking Stereotypes, heroic women setting feet in General Elections 2018

(WebDesk) – The new emerging trends of elections 2018 regarding women participation in upcoming has left people spellbound and amazed. More and more female candidates are standing up against extreme traditions also, are gaining foothold in politics as independent candidates in next elections which has rarely happened in past.

As women hold a prominent position in Pakistan and are given equal rights in Pakistan s constitution, they affiliate themselves with different political parties and actively partake in politics but we cannot overlook the fact that Pakistan also has some areas where women are not even allowed to cast their votes. In these circumstances, women from these areas coming out to contest elections, is a big victory.

In some areas of Pakistan, where men are afraid to face these tribal leaders and feudal lords, women have not only dared contest elections against them but have also challenged them and their authority.

Here are few of the daring female candidates, all set to partake in Pakistan general elections 2018:

Ishrat Begum

Ishrat Begum from Bara Majwar is contesting elections from NA 167 Bahawalnagar against the mighty eaders including PMLN s candidate former MNA Mian Alamdad Lalika, former MNA Ijaz ul Haque, PPP s candidate Syed Fazal Mehmood Shah and PTI s candidate Mian Mumtaz Ahmed for the first time.

Shahreen Khalid

Shahreen Khalid, an independent candidate contesting from NA 174 Bahawalpur, will be contesting against PTI s candidate Makhdoom Sami ul hassan, PPP s candidate Makhdoom Syed Hasan Gillani and Nawab of Bahwalpur Prince Bahawal Abbas and no woman has ever dared contest elections from these areas.

Azra Baden

Azra Baden, from Jatoi an underprivileged area of Muzaffargarh is contesting as an independent candidate against PTI s leader former minister Muazzam khan jatoi and former MNA Syed Basit Sultan Bukhari.

Kulsoom Khaliq

Kalsoom Khaliq, contesting from NA 188 Layyah belongs to Muhalla Ibrahimabad, Housing one Layyah. Although she has served as a journalist in Layyah, this is her first chance as a political candidate. Against her are some powerful candidates as in PTI s candidate and former MNA Niaz Ahmed, PMLN s Syed Saqlain Bukhari and PPP s candidate Muhammad Ramzan.

Jugnu Mohsin

Jugnu Mohsin, a bold and respectable lady from district Okara has also defied political participation as an independent candidate against former Provincial minister Raza Ali Gillani. She s the first ever female to contest elections from this constituency.

Sumaira Malik

Na 93 Khushab has two villages where no woman has ever cast a vote since the foundation of Pakistan, however, this year, a valiant lady Sumaira Malik is contesting elections as a PMLN candidate from this area and is trying to raise awareness regarding the importance of the vote. She was also elected as a member National assembly by contesting from the same area before.

Hamida Shahid

Hamida Shahid, contesting from Dir KPK 10 on PTI s ticket is another such example of bravery because in 2013 elections, there was a restriction on women casting vote from this area. Hamida Shahid contesting elections under such circumstances is literally amazing.

Nusrat Anjum and Sameen Riaz

Two women, Nusrat Anjum from Pak Sar Zameen party and Sameen Riaz Abbasi as an independent candidate, from district Aibat of Hazara division are contesting against each other as well as the influential politicians of the region.

Women from Haripur Hazara

More than 11 women from Haripur Hazara division are contesting on the tcikets of various parties against more than 60 male candidates. 8 of these are candidates for National Assembly while the other 3 are contesting for provincial assembly.

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