ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Prime Minister Nasirul Mulk on Monday has been briefed regarding the preparations of upcoming general elections 2018.

During a high-level meeting in the federal capital, the concerning departments assured the premier that they are ready to conduct elections on July 25.

Meanwhile, a report on the publication of ballot papers and security arrangements was also presented in the session.

Chief ministers of all provinces, chief secretaries, and inspectors general of police attended the meeting. 

Earlier, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had issued an 86-point code of conduct for upcoming general elections 2018. The code of conduct, divided into two parts, is about political parties, candidates and polling stations.

According to the rules, the political parties, candidates and election agents shall abide by all directions, instructions and regulations issued by the Election Commission, from time to time, relating to smooth conduct of elections, the maintenance of public order and morality and refrain from maligning the Election Commission in any form whatsoever, violation whereof would entail contempt as contemplated in Section 10 of the Elections Act 2017.

Political parties, contesting candidates, election agents and their supporters shall not propagate against the participation of any person in the elections on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion or caste.