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CCI agrees to adopt national water policy

CCI agrees to adopt national water policy

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Common Interest Committee (CCI) agreed on the need to adopt a national water policy on Tuesday, taking into account the country’s climate change and rapid consumption of water resources.

The 36th meeting of the Common Interest Committee (CCI) was chaired by the Prime Minister Shahid Kakana Brazil in the office of the Prime Minister. Participants agreed to submit the proposed policy to the next CCI meeting after submitting the final approval recommendations from the provinces.

Chief Minister Sindh Mohamed Ali Shah, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Katak, Chief Minister of Balochistan Abdul Ku Dedus Bimeizo attended the meeting. Punjab Province is represented by Finance Minister Ahmed House Pasha. All provincial and federal secretaries’ chief secretaries other than senior federal and provincial government officials also attended the meeting.

Sartaj Aziz, Vice-President of the Planning Committee, gave a detailed introduction to the National Water Policy (NWP) draft. It was emphasized that Pakistan is rapidly becoming a water-short country and its obligations to the SDGs call for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). He said that population growth and water demand in various economic sectors urgently need to take measures to increase storage capacity.

CCI received a briefing on the draft NWP including strategic initiatives and compliance with the 2012 national climate change policy. It is reported that the draft NWP includes the establishment of federal and provincial administrative agencies, including the National Water Affairs Council, and the Provincial Water Affairs Bureau to strengthen the coordination of water resources management.

The Secretary of the Statistics Division introduced the latest development of CCI’s decision to verify the results of the 2017 census. The meeting reiterated that the 5% verification activities were conducted by third parties in accordance with the decision of the CCI meeting on November 24, 2017.

The Secretary of the Treasury has detailed the federal government’s various subsidies for different commodities, including maintenance strategy wheat reserve subsidies provided to PASSCO, subsidies for important items through Utility Stores Corporation, Ramzan Relief Program, and support for the export of wheat and sugar.

The Pakistan Math and Science Union also presented the prospect of promoting science and mathematics education in the country.

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