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Coffee was Shahid Kapoor’s ‘high’ for Udta Punjab role

Coffee was Shahid Kapoor’s ‘high’ for Udta Punjab role

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor’s Udta Punjab role has already generated much interest and intrigue among fans as well as movie buffs. For one, the actor has entirely revamped his look for the movie to get more in line with his character of a substance abusing rockstar.

Actors always go the extra mile to delve into their characters and our Udta Punjab star did nothing less. According to Shahid Kapoor, to be able to portray a drug addict in the movie, he had gotten himself a ‘caffeine high’.

“In the absence of alcohol and any kind of substance, what helped me to get the kind of high I needed for my character was coffee. I would drink several cups of coffee before giving those shots,” he said.

According to the Kapoor lad, playing a substance abusing character was something which he wasn’t familiar with. This was due to the fact that Shahid Kapoor has always been a teetotaller. Hence, the Shandaar actor gulped down 8-9 cups of coffee to get that high effect before he would shoot for his scenes.

Udta Punjab stars Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor along with Shahid himself, who plays the rockstar Tommy Singh. Shahid had also stated in the past that Tommy Singh was one of the scariest roles he had ever tried to portray on-screen. 

Will the extra caffeine dose that Shahid took pay off when the movie releases on June 17?

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