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Corrupt leaders cannot solve the issues of the country: Imran Khan

Corrupt leaders cannot solve the issues of the country: Imran Khan

BAGH: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan said that only he could hold the corrupt accountable and bring stolen wealth back to the country.

Imran addressed a rally at Bagh on Monday evening and urged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to spend on health, education for youngsters rather than on motorways and roads. 

“Constructing roads and motorways does not contribute to a country’s progress,” said the PTI chairman. “History is a witness to the fact that those who have destroyed institutions can never rebuild them later on.”

Imran Khan also said that if it wanted, Pakistan could produce more electricity than Saudi Arabia and Iran. According to Khan, the coals from Thar’s coal mines could be used to produce electricity in Pakistan. 

Imran also took to task the government and said that price hikes were due to financial embezzlement and corruption. “At the end of the day, the public has to pay the price of corruption in the form of price hikes,” he said. 

The PTI chief slammed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Orange Line train project initiative by disclosing that a 27-km Orange train was being constructed for an astronomical amount of Rs 200 billion. 

“The government is constructing a mere 27-km train for Rs. 200 billion. This is your money,” he said. 

Imran promised a cheering crowd that if his party is elected, he will concentrate his funds the most on the sectors of health and education. 

The PTI chief also said that only he was fir to hold accountable those who had stolen from the country. 

“Has one thief ever held another thief accountable? A thief is always blackmailed or he conducts shady partnerships. Only Imran Khan will hold these corrupt leaders accountable,” said Khan. “Corrupt leaders can never solve the problems of the country,” he added.

The PTI chairman also promised a jubilant crowd that he would bring back billions of embezzlement money from abroad back to the country. 

Khan also had special words for the people of Kashmir. 

“As far as sacrifices are concerned, both in India and Pakistan, no one has rendered more than the people of Kashmir,” said Imran. “If the problem of Kashmir is solved, it can help reduce poverty in the region,” he added.  

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