ECP Releases Postal Ballots for February 8 Elections

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The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has commenced the distribution of postal ballot papers for the upcoming general elections, as announced by the electoral body today. Eligible individuals have until January 22 to complete the voting process using the postal ballot paper, which can be downloaded from the ECP’s website.

Once in possession of the postal ballot, voters must promptly send their vote to the Returning Officer (RO) within the specified timeframe. The general elections in Pakistan are scheduled for February 8, and the ECP is diligently preparing to ensure a seamless process nationwide.

To uphold stringent security measures, the ECP has issued a Code of Conduct for Security Personnel, cautioning them against any partiality while on election duty. This protocol applies to law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and emphasizes the necessity for them to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the law and their assigned mandate.

Security personnel involved in the printing and transportation of ballot papers and polling bags will operate under specific constitutional and legal provisions. The ECP has instructed the security apparatus to collaborate with district returning officers (DROs), returning officers (ROs), and presiding officers (POs).

It is of utmost importance for LEAs to maintain impartiality and neutrality throughout the election process, refraining from favoring any political party or candidate.

The ECP has emphasized the significance of ensuring a peaceful and transparent polling process and has warned security personnel against obstructing any voter from exercising their right to vote.

ECP Releases Postal Ballots for February 8 Elections

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