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Elections 2018: Lyari demands basic facilities and job prospects

Elections 2018: Lyari demands basic facilities and job prospects

As similar to the Pakistan, the election frenzy in Lyari reaches at its peak too. The streets and pavements are all decorated with the political parties’ banners and flags.

Though the campaigning of every political party in Lyari, for elections 2018 is in full swing, it is also important to know what the Lyari voter is looking for.

Lyari is known for the laborer on donkey carts. Photo: Screenshot

Lyari is known for three reasons, the laborer on the donkey cart, the football player in the streets and the struggling boxer without rings.

Lyari’s Laborer is waiting for better employment prospects

What does a laborer want from the politicians of Lyari?

‘Lyari’s laborer wants employment, clean water, better health care and the education facilities. Politicians did nothing for the betterment of Lyari and the well-being of the residents of Lyari. The labor class of Lyari since ages has been waiting for the better employment opportunities to lead them to prosperity’, said a peeved labor and a resident of Lyari.

He further said that the people of Lyari need better prospects for their future generations. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto did some substantial job in his time; afterwards no leader is born like Bhutto.

No leader is born like Bhutto. Photo: screenshot

Lyari’ footballer is wasting talent due to dearth of facilities

What does a football player want from Lyari s politicians?

Lyari has an immense passion and talent for football. Lyari is also called the ‘Mini Brazil’. Every time, the Football World Cup arrives, the zeal and obsession of football brings the attention of politicians, media and people to the Lyari but never the deficiency of facilities which impediments the Lyari football player to lead the Pakistan on the big pitches.

‘Since childhood, we were so zealous. We always thought that practicing can alone take us to the dream pitch to serve our country on international forum but have now realized it is a dream never going to come true’, said a disappointed young football player.

He complained that whether it is Bilawal or Imran or anyone else, whosoever provides us the basic amenities and facilities to groom our talent in football, will be given preference in elections 2018.

Lyari is also known as Mini Brazil. Photo: File

Lyari’s Boxer is still struggling for their future

What does a boxer want from Lyari s politician?

The historic ground of Lyari, deplored due to the bulging heaps of garbage has even taken the place from the struggling boxers of Lyari who use to gather and do the training there.

‘We are doing nothing, we come here, try to manage to train ourselves without any facilities. The complaint has been lodged several times, still they do not want to throw their ears for our betterment’, said a disgruntled boxer of Lyari.

The least the Lyari’s laborer, football player and boxer want is the arrangement of basic necessities and facilities to live which the politicians have failed to provide them since decades.

A estranged boxer deprived of facilities for training and training spce. Photo: Screenshot

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