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Fake CNIC holders to get seven years in prison, says Nisar

Fake CNIC holders to get seven years in prison, says Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Friday said re-verification of Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) of all Pakistani citizens would be carried out within the next six months, warning fake ID card holders with punishment up to seven years.

Speaking to media at the NADRA headquarters, the minister said 25 million families would be targeted in the exercise to make the verification process easier. He said heads of families would help NADRA expunge names of imposters.

He issued a 2-month deadline to fake ID card holders to surrender their cards as they may have to face seven year jail term for the crime once the deadline lapsed.

Nisar said the government officials involved in issuing the fake ID cards would be sent to jail for 14 years if they didn’t identify the people who obtained the fake IDs.

“I will personally monitor the exercise…nobody will be spared,” he said.  “I was told that it is an impossible task and would cost a lot of money, he said. He said the issue was related to Pakistan’s security and he would make it possible like verification of millions of mobile phone SIMS.

He said a helpline would be set up for citizens to help authorities identify foreigners with fake Pakistani identity.

The interior minister said rewards would also be given to the citizens for providing information on foreigners.

Nisar said passport of Mullah Mansour was issued in 2001 and would have been caught if it had been brought for verification.

The minister called on the civil society, media and judiciary to support the government in its initiative.

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