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Farooq Sattar challenges the decision that ECP was dismissed as a convener in IHC

Farooq Sattar challenges the decision that ECP was dismissed as a convener in IHC

Islamabad: Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Farooq Sattar fired the ruling of the Pakistani Election Commission (ECP) on Wednesday to the convenor of the High Court of Islamabad (IHC) party.

Sattar has filed a writ against the ECP and announced that the Bahadurabad Group’s decision is favorable. He has asked to cancel his recall as the convener.

In addition, the court announced the hearing on Thursday.

On March 26th, the five-member team led by the Select Commissioner (CEC) Judge Sardar Mohammad-Darzhan replaced Farooq Satar as the convener of the party. While rejecting the objections of Farooq Sattar, CEC also passed the party election of the PIB party.

In negotiations with the media, Farouk Sattar said that it will be remembered as a black decision in Pakistan’s judicial history and added that he was punished for opposing the founder of MQM.

He said that the decision to issue a vote in the party is not the authority of the ECP because 9500 members are in my favor.

Farok Sattar further predicted that the seats in Sindh will now be handed over to the Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP), the Pakistan People’s Party and the MQM Bahadurabad wing.

Earlier, Farouk Sathar questioned the case of the MQM-P convener of the ECP hearing and stated that the solution to these problems has already appeared in the party’s laws. Therefore, the ECP cannot hear these problems.

The responsibility of the ECP is to arrange the election of the Senate, the state, and the provincial assembly, he added.

After talking to the media after the hearing, Faloch said that 95% of the parties had Khalid Maqbool as the convener and Babar Sattar said that 12,000 members expressed confidence in Farooq Sattar.

At the same time, Kamran Tessori said that steps will be taken to solve the problem without dividing the party members. He accepted the ECP’s decision.

After the controversy among the parties in the Senate election, MQM-P was divided into two groups earlier. Two senior members, Faruksasar and Amir Khan.

According to reports, Sattar suggested that the name of Kamran Tessori’s Senate vote be opposed by Amir Khan and his party. Later, the two senior members held separate gatherings until now.

The Coordinating Committee sent a letter to the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP), withdrawing Dr. Farooq Sattar’s powers and withdrawing him from the convener’s position. It has previously deleted Tessori from the committee.

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