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Governor, CM Balochistan messages on May Day

Governor, CM Balochistan messages on May Day


QUETTA: Working community is backbone of industrial and economic uplift of any country.

This was stated by Balochistan Governor Muhammad Khan Achakzai and Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri in their messages of May Day, being observed Sunday.

Governor Achakzai said these are workers who work day and night to increase national production.

He said: “our religion Islam has also admitted greatness of workers and has ordered their wages should be paid before their sweat goes dry”.

He said, “keeping this importance of workers in view, government takes measures to ensure them dignified status and for their welfare so that economic condition of this massive majority of society is improved”.

He also asked working community to work with service and honesty and play their role for development and prosperity of nation and country so that our country joins files of developed countries of the world and our nation leads a prosperous and peaceful life.

Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri said for overall development of society government accords importance to workers welfare respect and their security.

He said observing May Day is to pay tributes to workers of Chicago and at the same time continuing struggle for end of exploitation of man at the hands of man.

He said present government is government of labourers and common man. It is not mere slogan raising but government has taken measures for ameliorating workers condition reforming their institutions and discipline and people of Balochistan were witnessing these measures.

He said he and his colleagues believe in greatness of work and would continue for welfare of labourers.

Nawab Zehri said, “ under economic corridor, free trade zones were being setup at six points which would create massive employment opportunities and demand and accommodation of skilled manpower would increase. It would be our endeavour that in the economic corridor projects provision of employment of people of Balochistan should be ensured at every cost”.

He said, “this fact cannot be denied workers labourers and kissans are back bone of economy of any country Societies which have recognised greatness of workers they have covered destinations in the fields of economy. We would also open doors of development by mobilising our mineral and other resources through workers and labourers”.

He said a comprehensive labour policy would be finalised soon for welfare and security of rights of labourers and workers and would be brought in Assembly for legislation

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