(APP) – The government plans to formulate Population Commission of Pakistan and Population Task Force in order to sensitize policy makers about alarming population growth rate.

The task force will work under the proposed Commission and objectives are to have a consolidated forum of all stakeholders for devising plan of action according to national priorities of Pakistan by adhering to religious doctrines. These are to deliberate on population control mechanisms by effectively engaging stakeholders, develop consensus on implementation of other priority areas of population as mentioned in Vision 2025, 12th Five Year Plan (2018-23), London Summit on Family Planning 2012 and SDGs.

A document highlighting plans for next fiscal year on Sunday revealed that many historic and most important steps will be taken to tackle the Population and Family Planning situation in Pakistan.

In this regard, the Provincial and Federating governments will be taken on-board to achieve the desired objectives. These include Formation of Population Commission of Pakistan which is direly needed and proposed to be formed. It will have the highest commitments from Federal and Provincial governments and all other Private Sector Stakeholders and Development Partners in matters related to Population, High Growth Rate and sustainable development.