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Gritty, action-packed ‘Sultan’ trailer hits the mark

Gritty, action-packed ‘Sultan’ trailer hits the mark

Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s latest film trailer Sultan has enchanted fans across the globe and heightened expectations of the films release. 

Ever since news broke that Salman Khan was about to star in a wrestler’s biopic, everyone was waiting impatiently for the movie to release. The trailer of Sultan has finally released and has served to only whet fans’ appetites. The trailer of the movie features the actor in a wrestler’s avatar, as he goes about tossing and turning opponents.

Salman plays an ageing wrestler who, at the height of his glory, was an unstoppable machine who tossed opponents like flimsy beings left, right and center. However, times have changed and the Sultan of the wrestling akada wishes to make a comeback to the ring again. Trouble is, he’s too old and rusty to relive the glory days of the past–or is he? 

In order to get back into the ring, the Haryanavi wrestler has to lift weights and involve his body in rigorous exercising methods. Not only that but Salman must also reconcile with a couple of hard beatings at first. The movie has some mixed martial arts scenes as well as gritty action sequences highlighting the actor’s wrestling prowess. 

Anushka Sharma plays Salman Khan’s love interest. She is featured in only a few sequences throughout the trailer, which gives rise to the speculation that perhaps the Bollywood actress does not have a meaty role at all. Randeep Hooda also stars in the movie. 

Sultan‘s trailer  has certainly delighted fans across the world and generated even more intrigue for the film’s release. Slated for an Eid release, we have no doubt the movie is going to garner immense critical appreciation. 

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