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Heaps of garbage on Karachi roads badly irk locals

Heaps of garbage on Karachi roads badly irk locals

KARACHI: Heaps of garbage on Karachi roads has badly irk locals as the Chief Minister of Sindh gave another deadline

Utv Pakistan Report

According to details, the piles of garbage littering almost entire Karachi are not only annoying residents but also becoming cause of different diseases.

download (2)The administration is not taking any concrete step to clean up the streets.

Earlier, Chief Minister of Sindh (CM) Qaim Ali Shah paid surprise visit to different areas in Karachi to monitor cleanliness condition.

CM Sindh along with Minister for Local Government Jam Khan Shoro came out to inspect the condition of roads as the deadline for cleaning Karachi expired.

The Local Government Minister took the CM to already dirt-free areas and avoided to visit littered streets.

During the visit, Qaim Ali Shah gave another deadline after his three-day warning turned out to be ineffective and claimed that Karachi would be clean within a month or two.

Accumulation of garbage in absence of an effective disposal system has become a serious health hazard creating numerous infectious and other diseases in certain parts of the city.

Several areas already lack proper facilities for the collection and lifting of garbage resulting in insanitary conditions quite visible in almost all the localities of each town.Utv-Line

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