KARACHI: A heatwave is expected to prevail in Karachi on Monday as the temperature likely to hit 44 degrees, the Pakistan Meteorological Department predicted.

In upper Sindh, sea breeze will remain at a standstill and the city has to endure the hottest day due to lower air pressure.

The Met. Dep. predicted that Karachi has to fight this heatwave for three more days as it is expected to prevail till Thursday.

Prevailing heatwave is affecting all activities of life in Karachi.

The Director Met. Dept. instructed to take precautionary measures especially from 11 am to 4 pm when Karachi swelters with severe heat.

Earlier, Climate change ministry spokesperson Mohammad Saleem said the Pakistan is most likely to suffer more frequent and intense heatwaves as the average temperatures in the country are constantly increasing.

Nonetheless, the good news is that heatwaves are quite predictable, and “extreme temperature early action systems as being practices in Karachi have proven that they can save lives in the heatwave-vulnerable areas of the country, Saleem said.

Saleem also underlined the need for district-wise heatwave management plans comprising measures including no or reduced power outages, sustained provision of water, healthcare facilities in hospitals and establishment of roadside public shades to stave off human losses from their impacts.