Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has on Sunday requested Pakistan to help his country win the war on terror (WoT) whereas Pakistan National Security Advisor Naseer Janjau has assured Ghani of full assistance in negotiations with Taliban.

The two met in Kabul today to contemplate peace process in war-torn country.

Ghani stressed on to forget the bitter past and look forward for ‘bright future’ of the two neighbours. President Ghani asserted that Afghanistan is incomplete without Pakistan.

Janjua—while terming negotiations with Taliban—as a ray of light, stated that use of force only increases troubles. He stressed on a political solution to end violence.

“By hurling allegations at Pakistan and trying to isolate [Pakistan] will yield no outcomes. Peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan is interlinked to each other. We should work side by side for obtaining shared goals”, stated Janjua.