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Iconic actress Shamim Ara passes away

Iconic actress Shamim Ara passes away

LONDON: Legendary Pakistani actress Shamim Ara passed away in a hospital on Friday, after prolonged illness.  Utv Pakistan Report

According to details, Shamim Ara had been undergoing treatment at a hospital in Southampton and was in a coma since a few years after a brain surgery. Her relatives revealed that she passed away on Friday morning. 

Shamim Ara had an illustrious career and was a leading actress of her time. She was born in 1938 at Aligarh and starred in a movie for the first time in 1956 with the filmKunwari Bewa. During her stint as an actress, Ara starred in many super-hit films and was adorned for her acting prowess.   

She was bestowed with the prestigious Nigar awards four times for her stellar performance in movies. 

Some of the prominent films she had starred in were Pal Do Pal, Lakhon Mai Ek and Salgira. 

Pakistani actress Resham spoke her sadness at the demise of Shamim Ara. She said that she had a close relationship with Ara and found her to be a woman of character.  Utv-Line

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