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India among 168 laziest nations in the world

India among 168 laziest nations in the world

CALIFORNIA India is among the list of the world’s most inactive countries as the laziest 168 nations in the world have today been named and shamed in a major new report of exercise levels across the globe by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The report, which tracked worldwide trends in “insufficient physical activity” between 2001 to 2016, was collated from a total of 358 surveys from 168 countries with 1.9 million participants.

According to the WHO, those who participated in the survey represent 96 percent of the global population. The organization found that in 2016, only one-quarter of all adults (approximately 1.4 billion people) were not getting enough activity. This put them “at risk of developing or exacerbating diseases linked to inactivity.” Conditions that fall under this category include some cancers, stroke, and diabetes.

The WHO defined being active as exercising at least 75 minutes each week, 150 minutes of moderate activity, or a combination of both.

With these standards, the WHO discovered that the laziest country is Kuwait, where 67 percent of the population does not engage in regular exercise. The second laziest? American Samoa, with just 53.5 percent of the population exercising regularly.

More than half of adults don t take part in enough exercise in Saudi Arabia (53 percent) and Iraq (52 percent). The findings also ranks Britain as 46th out of 168 countries in its league table. The US was even higher.

India has been ranked 117 on a list of the world’s most inactive countries with reportedly, 34 percent of Indians are not being not physically active enough. The report adds that Indian women tend to be more insufficiently active, with 43 percent not being physically active enough, as opposed to Indian men (24.7 percent insufficiently active). This trend remains consistent with most countries that participated in the survey.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale, just 5.5 percent of people in Uganda don t do enough exercise to keep themselves healthy.

According to WHO, at least 75 minutes of vigorous activity, or 150 minutes of moderately intense activity per week, is defined as adequate exercise.
Uganda ranked first in the survey, with only 5.5 percent of its citizens not being sufficiently active. On the other hand, Kuwait came in last at 67 percent insufficient activity.

Countries like the US, UK and Australia, were ranked at 143rd, 123rd and 97th place respectively. The report establishes that urbanised, high-income countries tend to be twice as more inactive as compared to poorer nations.

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