ISLAMABAD: The Interior Ministry has decided against placing US military attaché name of the Exit Control List (ECL).

Interior Ministry officials said that Pakistan was bound to grant the diplomat immunity under the Vienna Convention.

Sources said that the matter was examined with utmost care. “Pakistan is bound to grant the US military attaché diplomatic immunity. Pakistani envoys had been granted the diplomatic immunity in Iran and New Delhi in similar cases,” said officials.

It might be mentioned that a man was killed and two others sustained injuries when the United States military attaché Colonel Joseph’s car collided with a motorcycle in Islamabad.

The colonel was driving the car when the ill-fated incident took place. The diplomat was released by police after brief detention.

On Wednesday, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) directed sough a report on placing the US diplomat’s name on the ECL.

In his remarks, the judge expressed resentment over inefficiency of Islamabad police to handle the case.

“He would be an American in his own country. Being a diplomat does not means that he kills our citizens. You would have surely panicked without any reason,” the court had said.