ISLAMABAD: The Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar has hit back at critics by asking if taking notice of violation of peoples  fundamental rights a crime. He gave this remark during the hearing of the law colleges suo moto case. 

The Chief judge said that bringing educational reforms is not his job. he further said that he would have been living a peaceful life if he had not taken notices on these issues. 

The CJP revealed that around six thousand schools of Balochistan do not have toilets or other basic facilities. He further expressed regret at the resolutions of the bar councils against judicial activism.

Justice Saqib Nisar is curently hearing several cases of lack of basic facilities like potable water, quality of medical facilities, law education, etc. He also holds periodic visits to hospitals and colleges to inspect the facilities being provided there. Due to this, he has attracted criticism from certain circles for encroaching upon the jurisidiction of the executive. 

He expressed resolve to improve the quality of educartion being provided by the law colleges and adjourned hearing till may 10.