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Lost boy Abdullah to be handed over to his grandparents

Lost boy Abdullah to be handed over to his grandparents

KARACHI: Three-year-old Abdullah will be handed over to his grandmother who has left her residence in Mansehra for Karachi on Thursday.

After pictures of Abdullah made the rounds on television Haleema’s mother and sister contacted the Edhi Centre.

Meanwhile, more details emerge in the grueling case of the lost boy Abdullah who was brought to the Edhi Centre on Monday.

The prime suspect in the case which now involves a murder is Rizwan, the same man who brought Abdullah to the Edhi Centre. His wife Sonia has been arrested and being interrogated by the police.

The body of a woman thought to be Haleema, Abdullah’s mother was recovered from a small apartment at the cluttered Delhi Colony by police at 2:00 AM on Tuesday after neighbours complained of a stench emerging.

The apartment was occupied 15 days ago by the family of two. Real estate agent Faizan had brokered the deal.

Neighbours said that a week ago they heard loud voices in the house, after which there was silence for days at a stretch.

About three months ago Haleema had left her residence at Korangi area for Multan with her son and husband. They had left to seek treatment for her ailing husband who later expired due to a heart attack, police investigation said.

After her husband died, Haleema along with Abdullah came to Karachi and rented an apartment in Delhi Colony, police said.

Postmortem reports of Haleema do not reveal the cause of death. However it appears that the body is several days old.

Haleema’s family in Mansehra claims that they had called her one week ago on her mobile phone but Rizwan had picked up the phone instead of Haleema.

Meanwhile, Rizwan is missing. A mobile number that Rizwan had left at the Edhi Centre had been switched off, police said.

His house where he lived with his wife Sonia has been lying empty.

Police arrested Sonia for questioning. Sonia claimed that she did not Faizan’s whereabouts. She said that Haleema, Sonia and Faizan lived in the same house at Mehmoodabad. During this time Faizan and Haleema developed friendship. She added that sometime later Faizan got Haleema an apartment at Delhi Colony.

The case got much hype on social media and citizens from all walks of life prayed for his safety.

Sara Chapra, a residence of Karachi, wrote on her facebook timeline “we don’t know anything yet but when and if his family comes for him ia..I’m going to set up a fund for Abdullah so he will always be taken care of. He is in my heart now and I can never turn away from him or trust anyone with him. Anyone interested please let me know.”

MQM’s suspended legislator Irum Azeem Farooque has shown her interest to adopt Abdullah.Utv Line

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