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Obama says: Trump has no policies, solutions

Obama says: Trump has no policies, solutions

PHILADELPHIA: President Barack Obama said Republican Donald Trump “is somebody who likes attention and maybe surprised himself that he got this far.”   Utv Pakistan Report

Obama told NBC’s “Today Show” that Trump “doesn’t seem to have any plans or policies or proposals or specific solutions.”
The president made the comments in a taped interview aired Wednesday. Asked about Trump’s remarks that he alone could fix
clinton-vs-trumpthe country’s problems, Obama said: “That’s not how our founders designed our system. We’re not a government where some strong man orders people around and banishes enemies.”

Obama said he worries about “President Trump” who would lack “basic knowledge about the world” and has shown no interest in learning more about it.trump
Obama said, what he thinks is “scary is a president who doesn’t know their stuff.”
Obama added the Republican presidential nominee doesn’t seem to know much about nuclear weapons
Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden said he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to become president.
Biden told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that adversaries of the US think it’s better to have someone “who doesn’t have any idea what they’re doing” in the White House than have somebody “as tough as Hillary.”Utv-Line

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