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Owais Muzaffar was involved in every corruption: Dr Asim in leaked video

KARACHI: A video clip of Dr Asim emerged on Wednesday in which the suspect leveled serious allegations against PPP’s Owais Muzaffar, accusing him of being involved in corruption.

According to details, a video clip of the suspect emerged on Wednesday which seems to have been filmed during the course of his interrogation. Dr Asim claimed that Owais Muzaffar was raised by PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari’s mother.

“Owais Muzaffar was involved everywhere where there was corruption,” said Dr Asim. “He was the Chief Minister of Sindh even when he wasn’t,” he added.

In the video clip, Dr Asim also claimed that Owais Muzaffar was also involved in corruption pertaining to lands and the purchase of medicines.

“At one time, a doctor told me a vaccine cost Rs 600 and was purchased at Rs 1000,” said Dr Asim. “When I investigated the matter, it turned out that the doctor was right,” he stated.

Dr Asim claimed he had complained of the matter to PPP co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari. When Owais Muzaffar came to know about this, he threatened Dr Asim.

“When Tappi (Owais Muzaffar) came to know I had complained to Asif Zardari, he threatened me. He told me he would provide me with a vaccination that I would remember for a long time,” claimed Dr Asim in the video.

Dr Asim himself is a suspect who is under arrest and undergoing trial for corruption. The doctor has been accused of providing medical treatment to terrorists and has also been involved in a corruption scandal of Rs 462 billion.


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