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Paragon Housing Scheme Case: Saad Rafique Calls NAB’s Move Black

Paragon Housing Scheme Case: Saad Rafique Calls NAB’s Move Black

ISLAMABAD: Federal Railways Minister Saad Rafique issued a statement on the Paragon City case at the National Accountability Office (NAB) on Wednesday stating that the law is “black.”

In the case of a press conference after the appearance of the case, Sadrafik said that he had submitted a written reply to the NAB questionnaire and the full details of the assets. He also promised to respond to the Secretary’s further questions in a timely manner.

He added that as long as the country pursues responsibility, its purpose is not clear.

The minister said that despite Pakistan’s efforts and achievements, the media trials of him and his family are still ongoing. He disclosed that as the date of the election approached, the investigation of him had been accelerated.

He did not take any land, loan or do any favoritism or nepotism, he clarified.

Zadrafik said that due to the joint efforts of political parties against the dictatorship, wrong accusations, lies, political differences and infighting will lead to Pakistan’s irreparable harm, and continued strong judicial activism.

He also suggested that politicians be qualified through elections.

Speaking about the Senate election, he said that everyone knows that Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan’s Electronic Democrats (PTI) are dealing with each other’s opinion polls. He asked that both sides should openly admit it.

On March 10, Sarad Rafiq appeared in the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court on behalf of the Supreme Court, during which he clarified that Pakistan’s chief justice Miane Szibnissar stated that he had nothing to do with the city of Paragon. CJP sought an affidavit from Rafique and asked him to speak in front of the media what he said.

Previously, NAB raided the offices of Paragon City (Pvt) Ltd and took away multiple files and laptops. The attack was conducted against an ongoing investigation into alleged violations in the Ashana Housing Plan.

NAB has expanded its investigation of serious financial irregularities in the Ashiana Housing Scheme and LDA City projects. The NAB team stayed in the office of Paragon City (Pvt) Ltd for more than two hours.

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