LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) said on Tuesday that the Pakistani nation is the real strength of the country.

Speaking in a ceremony in Lahore, Khan maintained that the confidence of the public on the government has come to an end.

“Those sitting above do not think of the people. The nation is going under debt due to non-payment of taxes,” he said.

The PTI chief asserted that when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, it came to his knowledge that there was no hospital related to the disease in the country.

“Allah always provides a chance to everyone to change his life. No one thought how the poor will have his treatment. I used to be concerned on the plight of the hospitals,” he asserted.

“Those who only think of themselves crate no difference in their lives. The example of this on the global level is Donald Trump whose only aim is to make money,” said Khan.

The PTI chief arrived in Lahore from London today for the preparations of rally scheduled on April 29.

Khan will visit Data Darbar in Lahore at 5pm and will pray for the progress and stability of the country. He will then visit various membership camps set in different areas of Walled City.

Khan is scheduled to address a welcome gathering at Bhati Gate. The PTI chief will also visit Shah Alam Market, Mochi Gate and Delhi Gate.

He will then give a concluding address to camps at Sheranwala Gate.