ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on challenged those levelling accusations pertaining to LNG agreements for n open debate after May 31 and said that there would be have been loadshedding of upto eight hours, if there wasn’t LNG.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said that the credit of energy projects goes to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and challenged his political opponents to start as many power plants as PML-N government started.

The prime minister said that the incumbent government has successfully overcome the challenge of power shortage by adding 10,000 megawatt of electricity to the national grid.

Abbasi went on to say that the country s power generation capacity increased from 18,753MW in 2013 to 28,704MW this year, adding that in July 2013, 9.9 billion units were produced, whereas in July this year, the actual production will rise to 14.6 billion units, showing an increase of 4.75 billion units.

He maintained that it was a difficult challenge to overcome energy crisis but the issue has been controlled, however, we could face several issues.

The premier further said that the situation of electricity availability during Ramazan is much better than that of the previous years, adding that there is zero loadshedding in 90 percent areas during the peak hours.

He also threw a challenge to his political adversaries to come with evidence over the import of LNG and he was ready to face them on Tv shows or in open debate.

Responding to a question, the Abbasi said that he did not see any prospects of PTI chairman Imran Khan becoming the future premier of the country.

He said that he himself and his ministers were responsible for their actions and were accountable. Due to legal proceedings and NAB, bureaucrats were not willing to work, he added.