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Police continue hunt for man who indecently exposed himself on Karachi roads

Police continue hunt for man who indecently exposed himself on Karachi roads

KARACHI: Police is on the lookout for a man who openly performed obscene acts before women in the city’s Clifton and Defence neighbourhoods.

In a post which has now gone viral on social media, two sisters shared they were subjected to indecent exposure by the man on a busy street in Defence Phase 8 at around 3pm.

Police sources told on Friday that a trap had been laid to capture the accused with police personnel on site in civvies, however, due to the hype on social media and mainstream media, the accused evaded a trap to apprehend him and since then has gone underground.

Police continue their search for the accused and are still hopeful that they will arrest him soon. 

“Just wanted to share an incident with you guys today, which made my sister completely disgusted,” one of the women had said in a Facebook post.

“Me and my sister were going back home in Phase 8 when we stopped on main Shujaat near the shell petrol pump in Phase 8. We stopped on the side of the road for two seconds, when this black car slowly passed us and stops as well about 25 feet away. When we were back on the road and about to pass the car, the driver steps out, pulls down his pants and starts . . . in front of us, looking directly at us,” she added.

She continued that the man got back into his car and started heading towards open plots and roads towards the sea.

“We were so shocked that we didn’t even stop our car but didn’t know what to do because this has never happened to us before. But sanity prevailed because in less than a minute we did what we should’ve done. We went after him to teach him a lesson,” she further said further.

“When we finally caught up to him, we realised that we were two girls alone, following this man whom we didn’t know or what he had on him into a very open and completely [deserted] area and this could be very dangerous very soon. We just wanted to get his information. But he stopped again in front of us, got out and started . . . AGAIN.”

She, however, said this time they were prepared and took photos of the man and his car number plate.

“To those who know him…maybe you can ask him why he had to spoil his Roza and ours too,” the post read further.

Law enforcers are now searching for the suspect

“We are trying to trace the man with the help of his car registration number,” officials said.

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