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Prime suspect in lost boy Abdullah’s case arrested

Prime suspect in lost boy Abdullah’s case arrested

KARACHI: Prime suspect Rizwan in lost boy Abduallah’s case was arrested by police from Super Highway.

Rizwan had earlier dropped Abdullah at the Edhi Centre claiming that he had found him deserted by his family at Sea View.

Later, after Rizwan went missing and a body thought to be of Abdullah’s mother Haleema was found from an apartment from Delhi Colony police began to consider him as the prime suspect.

A case against Rizwan and his wife Sonia has been registered at the Frere Police Station.

Police had arrested Sonia for questioning. Sonia claimed that she did not Rizwan’s whereabouts. She said that Haleema, Sonia and Rizwan lived in the same house in Mehmoodabad. During this time Rizwan and Haleema developed friendship. She added that sometime later Rizwan got Haleema an apartment in Delhi Colony.

Investigation into the case revealed that Haleema had been married to Muhammad Iqbal, 69, a resident of Khanewal, for the last 10 years. Iqbal who addressed a press conference at the Edhi Centre last week said that he had divorced Haleema a few months ago.

Iqbal had asked for Abdullah’s custody, but little Abdullah refused to recognize him.

Abdullah spends his days at the Edhi Centre, thronged by visitors and journalists, who hear about the case on television and social media.

A Geo News reporter said that the child misses his mother a lot. Every time he sees a visitor he says, “Mama jana hai- I want to see my mother”.

After pictures of Abdullah made the rounds on television Haleema’s mother and sister contacted the Edhi Centre.

However, Saad Edhi, at the Edhi Centre has said that Abdullah will not be handed over to a guardian without a court order.Utv-Line


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