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PTI walas in a spate of havoc and hoax

PTI walas in a spate of havoc and hoax

As the elections are heading fast, any unpleasant development against the aspiration sizzle the political temperatures and politicians temperaments. Every day brings a new-fangled twist and startling turn for almost every political party that irks their political workers and paves the way for another pointless never-ending bashing troll war to storm the internet.

This week, out of nowhere few political developments were turned into fiascos for PTI which amuse opponents and thump PTI walas in the background of fast approaching general elections.

The bumpy road of U-Turns twisted into a laughing stalk

Known for U turns that never concluded as right turns, PTI this time plunged into the hot waters with proposing a new name every other day for the care-taker Chief Ministers ships both in KP and in Punjab. This bothered not the opponent parties even confused the PTI followers in large to support which candidate and how to defend the denial very next day.

In KPK, PTI with a vigorous consensus with the opposition JUI-F leader chosen Manzoor Afridi as care-taker CM KPK. PTI renounced him with an excuse of backlash from supporters over social media.

Problem remained unsolved. Deadlock over the finalization of the name of care-taker CM of KPK led the issue to the parliamentary committee.
Interestingly, this occured in Punjab as well. The deadlock over interim CM Punjab nomination twisted into a laughing stalk soon after PTI came up with few unbelievably austerely improper (keeping the backlash theory in mind) nominees for the interim CM Punjab.

Backtracking again and again over the nomination for the caretaker Punjab has crooked into rib-tickling entertainment.

First , former opposition leader of Punjab Assembly and the PTI Stalwart Mian Mehmood ur Rehman disavowed the most agreed nominee Jus. Rtd. Nasir Khosa.

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