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Salman Khan mad at Ranveer Singh for dancing at Sultan screening in Paris

Salman Khan mad at Ranveer Singh for dancing at Sultan screening in Paris

Megastar Salman Khan hit out at fellow actor Ranveer Singh, who was seen dancing with the audience in a Paris heater where Sultan was being screened, saying he was not watching the Salman-starrer but making people watch him instead.

Asked if he had seen Ranveer’s video, Salman on Saturday said: “I saw that and I am going to break a chair or something on his head. Watch a film… don’t start dancing and disturb the film.”

“I was like ‘what is this’. I said he is not watching ‘Sultan’, he is making people watch him there. We should have charged money for that.”

A video of Ranveer watching Sultan in an Indian single screen theatre in the French capital along with some audience and dancing in front of the screen had gone viral in no time.

The Bollywood superstar also said says strict action must be taken against those who leak films online.

Recently, films like Udta Punjab, Great Grand Masti and Salman-starrer Sultan were leaked online before their official release.

“It’s disgusting that films are getting leaked online before release. These people are nothing less than thieves as they make money in the name of other person’s hard work. It (piracy) is the worst profession,” Salman said in an interview.

“Someone suggested you should put TADA (Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act) on people who buy and sell it (pirated DVD). As we pay tax and Maharashtra has the heaviest tax, something should be done. When two people will go to prison, others will stop it. It (piracy) doesn’t happen in South,” he said.

One of the reasons often cited for piracy are huge ticket prices. The 50-year-old Dabangg star, however, feels that ticket prices reduce after the weekend and there are single screen theatres as well where the prices are not much high.

“What about watching the film after the weekend that is Monday onwards. There are single screens as well. Even I feel the ticket prices are high but if you look at the infrastructure, the cost of real estate then you will understand that if they (multiplexes) don’t charge that much, then the theatre will close down,” he said.

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