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Skin diseases on the rise as summer sets in

Skin diseases on the rise as summer sets in


KARACHI: Eminent Dermatologist at Institute of Skin Diseases Sindh (ISDS), Dr Manzoor Memon, has said poor personal hygiene, professional compulsions and scarcity of fresh water in summer season increases various skin aliments 40 per cent thorough the Sindh province, particularly in Karachi.

Talking to PPI, Dr Memon said various skin aliments like heat rashes, fungal disease, photosensitive dermatitis, melasma, prickly heat, nail infections, and acnes (pimples) have increased 40 per cent in hot weather.

He said out of every 100 OPD visitors, 40 report above diseases every day.

He informed that poor personal hygiene, excessive sweating, excessive sun exposure and bad selection of clothes in hot weather are some major factors behind prevalence of such skin diseases in summer weather at large-scale.

He said labrouer, factory workers, sailord or fishermen, goldsmithd, blacksmithd and Naan Makers have develop various skin ailments in summer season due to their profession compulsions. He said extreme weather has increased the risk of skin diseases.

He said uses of detergents and substandard cosmetics products also cause different skin diseases among women. He said some skin diseases have automatically increased in summer; therefore, people should adopt preventive measures in this regard.

He said around 2500 to 3000 people visit different Out Patient Departments (OPD) in Institute of Skin Diseases Sindh on daily basis. He said patients with skin ailments generally come from Sindh province, Baluchistan and some parts of Punjab province for treatment.

He urged the masses to adopt healthy lifestyle habits in personnel life like using hygienic food, remaining clean, using separate towel, wearing light colour dress and consuming fresh water to avoid seasonal skin diseases. He said women and men should apply sun block creams or lotions to avoid severity of weather.

He advised the citizens to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, avoid having spicy foods and applying substandard cosmetics products.


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