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Supreme Court asks government: “Is Ayyan a terrorist?”

Supreme Court asks government: “Is Ayyan a terrorist?”

ISLAMABAD: An annoyed Supreme Court bench slammed the government on Tuesday for failing to implement on its orders of excluding supermodel Ayyan’s name from the ECL.    Utv Pakistan Report 

Supreme Court’s Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed remarked that everyone knew what was happening. 

“Is Ayyan Ali a terrorist? Why shouldn’t we send Interior Secretary to the jail?” remarked the judge angrily. Justice Azmat Saeed also said that the court knew how to have its orders implemented. If the orders of the court were not implemented, the court would not cease to function. 

Presiding over a hearing of the appeal against excluding Ayyan’s name from ECL, Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed remarked: “Does the name of every suspect of a murder case in Punjab end up on the ECL? Has the government put all names of the persons that have been sent notices by FBR for tax payment on the ECL? Everyone knows what is going on here. On what basis was Ayyan’s name included in the ECL after it had been excluded? Is she a terrorist?”

Representing the Interior Ministry was the government’s attorney Rana Waqar who stated that the High Court had given a decision to exclude Ayyan’s name from ECL in a contempt of court case. 

Justice Azmat Saeed wondered how such a decision could be given at a contempt of court hearing. He stated that in a contempt of court case, either the guilty are sent to jail or the petition is thrown out. 

Rana Waqar replied that Ayyan was also nominated in the murder FIR for Customs investigating officer Ejaz Mahmood. The Supreme Court issued a notice to the Attorney General and stated that it will be seen as to whether or not a decision of such nature could be given in a contempt of court hearing. 

Ayyan’s lawyer Latif Khosa stated that former army chief General (r) Pervez Musharraf was an influential man hence he was able to leave within a fortnight. Utv-Line


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