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The Pakistani Army has nothing to do with any NRO: DG ISPR

The Pakistani Army has nothing to do with any NRO: DG ISPR

Director-General (DG) Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor clarified on Wednesday that the Pakistani army has nothing to do with the National Reconciliation Regulations (NRO).

At the press conference, DG ISPR stated that the General Staff Chief of the Army (COAS) General Kamar Javier Bawawa had recently conducted regular telephone conversations with the newly elected President of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Sheikh Sharif.

He said that some reports said that Shahbaz Sharif met with COAS twice in 72 hours and there will be NRO. He said that the Pakistani army has no connection with the reconnaissance office of any country because it is a political party to negotiate.


With regard to the heavily publicized Bawadian, the ISPR of the Palestinian Authority has made it clear that this issue should be viewed from a safe perspective because the Army leaders hope that Pakistan can have a peaceful and stable country like every country in Pakistan.

When talking about the meeting of the Army Chief of Staff Kamar Javier Bawa, he said that with the army commander visiting Sri Lanka, Kabul, Munich, Malaysia and other countries, bilateral and security relations have been continuously strengthened.

Internal security issues

DG ISPR said that due to the Pakistani Super League (PSL) finals in Karachi and Pakistani Islamabad military parade last week was very important to the country. He added that both activities were conducted in a well-organized manner.

He said that Karachi is returning to normal status because there was no shutter strike in the metropolis today.

Speaking of the results of the anti-terrorism operation, he said: “Part of Raddul Fasaad is 26 main operations, 23,318 IBOs, 7,738 checkpoints and more than 23,000 weapons.”

He recognized the role played by intelligence agencies in stifling the design of the enemy. He said that security agencies played a leading role in the war on terror and slandered the seven terrorist networks. Apart from arresting 16 people, they would commit suicide. Attackers. In addition, 11 cases were resolved, 572 terrorist incidents were avoided, and 946 threat warnings were issued.

“Because of the struggle of the ISI, intelligence agencies such as the Military Intelligence Bureau and the Intelligence Agency, we have achieved success today and we should be proud of them,” he added.

Stabilization in Balochistan Province

General Azifu Gaffo said that after the FATA operation was successful, the Pakistani military has now shifted its focus to stability in Balochistan.

He emphasized the problems in the power, water supply and communications infrastructure in Balochistan Province. He stated that he was trying to provide these facilities for people. Major General Asif Ghafoor said that the Pakistani armed forces are fully aware of the challenges facing the country and are prepared to play a role in solving these challenges.

U.S. and U.S. relations

DG ISPR has stated that the United States of America (United States) has become a superpower only because Pakistan has played an active role in the world. He said that the tweet “No Longer Providing Assistance to Pakistan” issued by US President Donald Trump has seriously affected the mutual relations between the two countries. However, the negotiations have not reached a stalemate.

He also urged Pakistan to play a positive role in South Asia because it made sacrifices for peace. He continued that the efforts of the officers defeated the threat of terrorism.

Responding to India

He said in a statement on the ceasefire over the control line that the situation in 2018 was better than in 2017 and that the Indian army repeatedly violated the agreement and killed several innocent citizens. He further warned India that they would respond if it would launch any campaign to undermine stability in Pakistan.

He said that India must understand that its irregularities on LoC are causing confusion around the world.

He said that India should also thank Pakistan, which plays a buffer role between unstable Afghanistan and India, otherwise India will also be affected by the scourge of terrorism.

Regarding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), DG ISPR stated: “If India considers this project to be a threat, it will have a negative impact on the region.”

Send troops to Saudi Arabia

Regarding the decision to send troops to Saudi Arabia, the IAEA staff said that these troops will be sent as part of the bilateral agreement between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia signed in 1982. He said that the role of the force will be limited to training and consulting purposes.

He made it clear that the Pakistani army has nothing to do with the Islamic military anti-terrorist coalition. He said that Pakistan is also providing training facilities to Iran, and some Iranian pilots are training in our military academies.

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