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This is how international media reported verdict against Nawaz Sharif

This is how international media reported verdict against Nawaz Sharif

(WebDesk) – Although the national media was full of news relevant to verdict against Nawaz Sharif, the international media also covered the story to the extent possible. Various media outlets covered it from their own angle. Here is how some of the vital international media explored the development.

The verdict will influence 2018 General Election. The Guardian

In accordance to The Guardian, this decision may influence PML-N’s election campaign and the result of general elections to be held on 25 July. The story also covers Nawaz’s concerns over the involvement of military into politics. He opined that it is military-backed conspiracy that kept on entangling him and his family into the legal battle.

Not any extradition treaty exists between Pakistan and England. BBC

BBC draws attention over extradition treaty with Pakistan. There is no such treaty which means Pakistan cannot have England extradited anyone from its soil. Here again, the alleged role of the military in politics is argued, and PML-N’s reservations over military’s involvement have been interpolated.

Despite the actions, PML-N holds strong position in Punjab. NY Times

The story in NY Times explains the negative reaction of Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz against the verdict. It also infers that the verdict which was given in absence of the convicted personalities is going to further the woes of PML-N. Again the role of the military establishment has been discussed. It adds that the party is still strong in Punjab which will help it in gaining a strong position in the upcoming elections.

Verdict will prove to be the end of PML-N s political career. CNN

CNN explores the future of the implicated members of Sharif family and how this verdict will impact their political future. The experts in the story stated that this judgment will mark the end of the political life of Nawaz and Maryam Sharif.

Facing the imprisonment will help in gaining sympathy vote for PML-N. Washington Post

The story in Washington Post covers the objections of Nawaz Sharif. However, it interprets that if Nawaz comes back to Pakistan and is imprisoned, it will benefit his party in gaining sympathy vote. Nawaz Sharif’s tweet regarding unnamed enemies in the military, judiciary and bureaucracy was centre of concentration. The opinion of famous analyst of Pakistan Rasul Bakhsh Rais has been incorporated in it. According to him, Nawaz’s confrontation with the military and judiciary was a mistake and will worsen the political instability.

Will Nawaz face prison or stay in London?

Three-time PM Nawaz Sharif has finally been sentenced to 10 years in prison on corruption. International media expounded various conspiracies theories in which the role of non-political actors including those of army and judiciary has been defined. Military and judiciary on various occasions denied pursuing any agenda against Nawaz Sharif or another political person or party. The reality is, unlike past, it was the court that was freer and the media more independent. Also how this decision is implemented, the time will tell. Furthermore, it is to be seen if Nawaz dauntlessly faces the verdict by coming Pakistan or stays in London.

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