CHACHRO: Two more children have been died due to food shortage in Tharparkar’s Chachro today (Saturday), taking toll to 34 in May.

According to details, more than 70 children are still under treatment at various hospitals in the district.

Malnourished families have started migrating to Badin and other areas as Tharparkar no longer has fodder for their cattle. The locals are migrating to Thar’s adjoining areas for fodder and due to Sindh government’s inadequate measures.

Tharparkar is a home to more than 60 lac cattle which provide source of income to residents. However, locals have started migrating to other areas as fodder for their cattle is all consumed before the expected time.

Famine-struck people have demanded the government to announce a package for their ease.

In 2014, the Sindh government announced establishment of Thar Development Authority to address the problem, however, the draft is still pending for approval.