(AFP) – The UN envoy for Yemen was in Sanaa on Monday for talks with rebels aimed at finding a solution to fighting in the port city of Hodeida, which the insurgents hold.

Martin Griffiths is set to meet with the Iran-allied Huthi rebels, who control the capital along with the Red Sea city of Hodeida, home to the country s most valuable port.

The British diplomat did not make a statement upon his arrival at the Yemeni capital s international airport.

Griffiths had already been leading UN diplomatic efforts on ending Yemen s three-year conflict when a UAE-backed government offensive was launched to retake Hodeida port on June 13.

The UAE, which is part of a Saudi-led coalition that has been fighting on the government s side since March 2015, has been demanding the rebels withdraw from both the port and city to avoid a military assault on densely-populated Hodeida.

“The UN special envoy (is) expected… to sit down with the militia group (Huthis) to try and find a political solution and to achieve a general framework for negotiations�