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Video of exploding iPhone battery spreads fear

Video of exploding iPhone battery spreads fear

A video recently surfaced on social media in which an iPhone battery exploded after Chinese man bit into it to check the quality.

The incident took place last Friday in a Chinese city where a man went to the electronics store to buy himself a replacement battery for his Apple device, reported CNET.

As soon as he was shown the battery, he picked it up and gave a gentle bit to see if the smartphone component is authentic and in accordance with his liking. The battery burst into flames.

A number of people can be seen inside the shop. Only a few were close enough to the counter. There was a girl as well near the man who bit the battery.

Social media users questioned the smartness of the man who bit the battery while others pointed out concerns how fragile the iPhone battery was that exploded after one bit.

Tech experts told that the battery could have been ruptured upon the bit, causing the explosion. No one was injured in the incidents, though a number of customers in the store were shocked and escaped from the place.

Apple had announced to release a software update that will allow users to turn off a feature that slows down iPhones when batteries are low on charge. The company s chief executive Cook said the phone-slowing software, released last year, was intended to make sure that iPhone users did not get cut off in the middle of an important call or text message because of an old battery.

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