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Whose government is it anyway?

Whose government is it anyway?

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been singing the same tune of ‘mujhay kyun nikala’ ever since his ouster last year. But as Sharif has been complaining of increased power outages and inflation, pinning it on his ‘unjustified’ ouster, he appears to ignore the fact that his party – Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, is still in power in the centre and in Punjab.

The former PM’s narrative that blames his ouster as PM for the current ‘plight’ the country is in begs the question whose government is it – the PMLN’s or some other party’s? Is PM Shahid KhaqanAbbasi not a PML-N backed PM? The ousted PM’s tirades over the past few months appear to indicate that he has forgotten that.

Nawaz Sharif has stated that with him no longer being the PM, the country is plagued by several issues. This stance, which was earlier trumpeted through statements and press conferences, has also been reiterated through speeches he recently delivered at political gatherings.

While the former PM’s complaints have dramatically increased since last year following his ouster from office, questions surrounding the grounds for his protests over the situation the country is in are being raised with his party, ministers and his PM currently being in power.

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